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See inside

Sit back and enjoy the show. Turbo mode can't save ya, mate!

Software rasterizer capable of: triangle rasterization, linear transformations (3D rotation), perspective projection, back face culling, blending, textures, and something vaguely resembling fragment shaders.

Yes, that's pong. Yes, it's playable. Hit up and down to move your paddle. No, there's no scoring, since it would be too frustrating at these frame rates :)

To improve performance (at the cost of quality), increase `blur` in the render cube procedure . Use the source, Luke!

This. Is. Not. A. Game. (before I get the inevitable comment ;) ) Much, much too slow to be a game engine, but hey :)

Notes and Credits

Code by yours truly.
Programmed (mostly) in Tosh, an editor for Scratch by the lovely @blob8108.
Texture imported with Kurt, a tool also by blob, and Pillow.
Texture is my profile picture, a Sunlight image from Derpibooru edited in Krita <3.
Background was also drawn in Krita.
Wikipedia helped with 3D rotation matrices and reminding me of all the maths I forgot.
(My old textbooks also played a role there.)

I've always wanted to write one of those fancy software rasterizers I saw around Scratch when I was younger. Now that I have plenty of graphics experience (not to mention enough mathematics to understand the theory), I went ahead and wrote one. 10/10 was worth it.

I blame April, Florrie, and Nat <3

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