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Darn this is a bit overdue ;-;
Oh well.
Anyway, this is a Draw My Characters contest!
Pick from drawing either Lily the Sylveon or Patchface the Warrior Cat.
Press space to see them both! :3

A few rules:
There is a codeword.
Don't speak negatively about yours' or others' art.
I will love your project if I saw it.
This will end when I get 20 remixes or on July 31- whichever comes second.
Please, please don't copy or trace others' work!
Stay true to the refs. You don't have to copy my art style, just try and keep the floof where I drew it and keep the markings where they were drawn.
Only draw the OCs shown here.

A couple tips:
Shade, add a background, etc.
"Tasty" is the codeword- try to hide it in your comment!
Do the artwork in another program- there are a lot of free ones out there.
Animate, if you have time.
Try your very best.

Finally, the prizes:
1st place: A new character/a fullbody, a follow, a big shoutout, 10 loves and faves, and a headbop icon of any character
2nd place: A new char/a fullbody, a follow, a shoutout, and 5 loves and faves
3rd place: A new char/a fullbody, a follow, and 3 loves and faves
Honorable mentions: A follow and 3 loves and faves

Ok, have fun and thanks for entering!

The codeword isn't down here... lol
Go back and read the rules and tips!

Notes and Credits (added by cwkkaitlyn6518)


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