Rendering Texture Partials to Triangles (UV coords)

See inside

The currently-selected texture is rendered in full at the top-left. Drag the A, B, and C handles to set the uv coordinates for the corresponding vertices of the main triangle. Drag the A, B, and C dots of the main triangle to change its render location.

Click the buttons at the bottom to set the texture. You can also supply a custom texture of your own - to do this, click on the "?" button for directions, then click on the "Custom Texture" button to view it.
Link to the tool for converting images to use in this project:

Notes and Credits

*** Featured on June 24, 2018 in the early AM!!! Thank you very, very much! I'm absolutely stunned to be featured twice... and I hope you all enjoy making Scratch Cat triangles :) ***

My previous project (rendering full textures to quads) was a stepping stone to the ultimate goal of mapping uv coordinates on textures to some form of amorphous Scratch "pixels" in screenspace. This project is the completion of the goal, and with acceptable performance to boot. It's still not as fast as I need it to be, though.

The Render variable reports the time of the main triangle only. So, even if the entire project is running at 1-2 fps (due to the full res preview and other renderables), don't forget that the main triangle is just a portion and renders far faster than the overall project.

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