Bug Game Beta 1.2.1 (Old Version - see notes)

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Notes and Credits (added by Splodgey)

Version: Beta 1.2.1
Latest Version: Beta 1.3 http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/Splodgey/2340521
Fireworks Game Alpha 1.0 s out! http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/Splodgey/2318539
Gallery: http://scratch.mit.edu/galleries/view/151439
Pre releases: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/SplodgeysPrerelease/2291469
Comment your Score! Report Bugs! (glitch bugs that is - You gain score by surviving bugs, surviving for longer and staying close to the blue bugs)

1. uzay 64519
2. Me 62810
3. LOLIPOP1136 28225
4. texjdsimon 8965
5. PaddyHammer 8781
6. Username_istaken 6765
7. coolhogs 6330
8. ulus 2984
9. zach229 2012
10. Yoshi789 1743

Arrow Keys to move. P to pause/play.
A game where you must dodge the blue bugs on the floor. Randomly, A bug may appear on your head. These bugs have effects that may cause you to touch the blue bug. Different coloured bugs have different effects.
List of effects:

Hypnobug (red) Hypnotises the player causing him/her to travel into the blue bug

Reveresed Controls Bug (blue) Reverses the Controls, Left arrow goes right, right arrow goes left and down arrow jumps

Slipperbug (light blue) The player will not slow down when neither the left nor right arrow keys are pressed

Growth Bug (Yellow) Causes the player to grow twice it's size.

Mouse Bug (Gold) The mouse moves the scratch cat instead of the arrow keys

Dark Bug (Black) Makes the screen black

Levibug (Grey) Lifts the player into the air and hovers over one of the little blue bugs then drops you

There are other bugs that may randomly appear somewhere. Some of them are good, others are bad.
Here's a list of those bugs:

Light Levibug (Light grey - Good bug) the player can ride on it's back and when it's clicked, It will jump on the players head, allowing the player to fly by holding up. Holding down will stop you from falling fast. This is the 2nd most common bug to randomly appear.

Green Hypnobug (Green - Good bug) when clicked it will jump on the player's head. If you click on a blue bug with it you will be able to control that bug. if you make the 2 blue bugs touch, they will turn upside down. If you jump on them when they're upside down you will get a points bonus of 5000. This is the 3rd most common (or 2nd least common) bug to randomly appear.

StriperBug (Red and Yellow Stripes - bad bug) randomly Woners around. If he spots he, he wil charge... The is the most common bug to randomly appear.

TeleBug (Mixed Shades of Blue - bad bug) also randomly wonders, and randomly teleports. It will always teleport if it sees you looking at you it will also teleport. This is the rarest bug to randomly appear.

You can also save/load your progress (which would obviously work better downloaded) Press O to save, and L to load. Loading will set everything to how it was when you saved.

Bug fixes and changes for beta 1.2.1:

*"Spawnable" Bugs appear when loading.

+added pausing. Pressing "p" will pause/play

*Changed the colour of the version text so you can't walk on it

*Telebug now has less chance of teleporting when clicked

*Levibug Can no longer chill out in the floor

Known Bugs:

*Hypnotising both bugs is weird

*You sometimes get stuck in the ground by getting a bug while dying.

*Hypnotising sometimes doesn't work

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