Protest S.O.P.A.!!! (remix)

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KKS' notes:
There are different reasons why people make projects with copyrighted characters, but the main one is out of love and respect. None of us profit from uploading a project with Mario or Kirby or any other of our favourite characters in it, so why do they want to destroy our community, our education and our lives by blocking whatever they want?

Basically Adds:
Sure I'm not American, I'm Irish but I'm still signing in support of stopping this SOPA

Credit to plb36 for starting project:

1. Download this project
2. Add a sprite with your username
3. Upload to protest SOPA!

If you haven't hear, SOPA is a bill proposed by the US legislative branch to put up internet restrictions and censoring similar to the ones in place in China and Korea.

Don't let this happen! Protest today!

Many sites are going down on the 18th to protest. These sites include Wikipedia and Minecraft. The Scratch Team is considering adding scratch to that list.

Listen. If SOPA passes, the project's we can make and view will sometimes be censored and removed. This includes any copyrighted material. That means no more mario projects, no more minecraft projects, no more sonic, kirby, tv show characters, game characters, nothing.

Dont let this happen. It's as simple as just remixing and you can make a stand. SOPA is a violation of basic US consitutional rights. Don't let them take away your rights. Remix today.

Don't let this happen! REMIX!

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