3D Block Renderer 2.0

See inside

D̲R̲A̲G̲ the block around; C̲L̲I̲C̲K̲ the arrows! (simple, right?)

Now with ̲8̲6̲ different blocks!!!!

Please consider leaving a L̲O̲V̲E̲ or F̲A̲V̲O̲R̲I̲T̲E̲ :D

Notes and Credits

CREDITS :: T̲L̲D̲R̲ at bottom

3D engine:
Ported to Basic256 by anonymous.
link: http://www.basic256.org/index_en
(Basic256 is a GREAT next step after Scratch. I would suggest for anyone to learn it.)
Ported to Scratch (slightly modified) by me ( @CodeLegend ).

The poly filler:
The poly filler was replaced with a much faster one by @DadofMrLog in version 1.1. He also helped with many other speed-ups, and the mouse-dragging. Thanks!

All textures in the project are from Minecraft, and belong to Mojang AB. They were ported to lists that Scratch can read with a program that I made in Basic256. [link above] Once again, it's a great resource for any programmer! I was able to make a program that converted all of the images at once, no interaction required.

Everything else was done by me. :D

tl;dr: Minecraft (Mojang AB), Basic256, @DadofMrLog

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