Reef Navigator (Teh Boat Game of Epicness)

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#2's out!

Wow... Curated 1/17/12! Thank you so much VanillaCreme! Only in this moment do I realize that even the curator themselves never notices how happy they're making the person getting curated. I can't believe it got curated!

Heh. Finally, it's this is the one you've all... Never heard of. I know. I never announce my games before I make them.

Anyways, I present to you, Reef Navigator!! In this game, you are a 3D boat with one of the least realistic sails you've ever seen, sailing through a reef, trying to dodge the rocks. However, I urge you NOT to dodge the love-it button. Don't pretend it doesn't exist, none of those antics.

So, space to begin, arrow keys to win, love-it button to make me happy, be epic, and earn bragging rights. Why it says based on my project I do not know. Why are you still reading? Get playing, and post your score in the comments!!

1. VirtualClown, 5223.
2. BSH1, 4272.
3. Jocke13, 3906.
4. Paddle2See, 3649.
5. JJROCKER, 2456.
6. cartwheelnurd, 2441.
7. schusteralex, 2411.
8. MetharQuxid, 2231.
9. Pelzclif, 2070.
10. Chopsticks94, 1815.

Also, just realized this, but turbo's a blast!! Here's the turbo scoreboard:

1. VirtualClown, 1177.
2. JJROCKER, 1176.
3. Pelzclif, 883.
4. origami3, 809.
5. eventexception, 726.
6. Yoshi789, 611.

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