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by Rosyda
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omg, so many entries, it will be tough to make the result project...
visit my profile @Rosyda if you want to ask me anything ^^

Update: I changed the background music in this project (I can't listen to anime song in each remix >.<) ~ and omg over 100 entries (how am I supposed to judge all of them now ;;u;;)

update: it doesn't have to be a beach, there are a lot of things on summer such as sunflowers, beetles, etc

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click the balloon, press space, or arrow keys to navigate

you don't have to ask to join, everyone can join the contest, just remix the project ^^ (and yes it's okay to use the beach backdrop or you can draw a new one as well)

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It's pretty scary to know how quickly time flies and how things progress, even when I was inactive you always believed in me, so first of all, here's for those who supported me and I might never realized it: thank so much for being the reason I smile, you guys have always always been an important part in my experience and a blessing that has turned my life around to the bright side, I really appreciate the support and especially your kind heart, thank you so much ✧

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to celebrate this milestone, I'm holding a draw an "original character" (OC) contest with the theme "summer" in 4 different categories:

1) traditional (for you who prefer to scan or to photo your drawing)
2) bitmap (for artist who excels at digital raster image, e.g. paint tool sai, fire alpaca, or scratch bitmap editor?)
3) vector (specific to sve, inkscape and other vector apps user)
4) pixel art (a rare type of skill in scratch, probably only a few people can do this)

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- simply go inside and remix this project
- draw a character in summer theme

here's an example https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/226815241/

each entry will be added in this studio: https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/5128560/ (check out the entries) >u<

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each category will have 2 winners (8 winners in total, so the chance of winning a specific category is pretty wide?) each winner will get a s-e-c-r-e-t prize from me ~

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- the art must be made by you (copy does not equal inspiration)
- the drawing must be an original character that you made
- you may use any media/apps to make your art
- the deadline of this contest is "1st of July 2018"
- you can always edit your entry before the deadline

- you "may" join more than one category by making 2 or more different remixes, but only one of the category may be chosen to win to give others chance
- a project will only be considered in one category (please let me know which category you're entering in the notes)
- the character doesn't have to be humanoid
- you can use the background of this project (and you can also make your own background) x3

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I'll score an entry based on the design of the character, the details, and your creativity in visualizing the art, maybe animate it a bit? show the process? make a speed draw? make a new background? interactive? I don't know, surprise me, creative is your vivid imagination ^u^

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and last but not least, make sure to enjoy your process of drawing as it is not about winning or loosing but to share what we have and show to the community our creation, enjoy what other have to share, give nice feedback, and connect with each other, who knows you'll find someone new through this competition ^^

once again thank you so much for all of your support, you guys are really sweet, stay awesome ^u^

codes and rushed art by me @Rosyda
music ✩ ときめきポポロン♪ (Tokimeki Popolon ♪ Chimama Corps)

I have a feeling this is going to be a pretty big competition ^^;;
btw, the "flower" thing was made on purpose >u<

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