Summer - Interactive Flat Design

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=================Summer - Flat Design===============
- Edit: Curated on July 3rd by @Birdah! Thank you!
- Edit edit: Top Loved! 7/4/18! Thanks so much!
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- Current Possibilities: 725,760
- Here's some flat design art to celebrate summer - it's finally here! (Well, where I am this warm weather is a relief) Click different things to change your campsite, and have fun! (Until you realize you have better things to do) Press 'T' to reset the trees, 'R" for the ground, and >> space to randomize <<
- I considered doing a beach, but that felt too generic. In the end I decided on a campsite, because lots of people enjoy camping in the summer (Including me)
- Animating the fire was definitely a fun challenge, and I was able to diversify my art skills, too
- The weird thing in the tree is a bird XD and the weird thing next to your tent is a butterfly.
- I know it's pretty simple, but I hope you enjoy! Leave a love and favorite if you did
- Remix this with flat design art of what you do in the summer :D Comment your favorite summer activity as well.
- Music - To The Sky
- Thanks for 4000+ views :D

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