I have quit Scratch. Why are you guys still going to this project?

by kd6oqf
See inside

Click the green flag.

Actually, don't click the green flag. You wanna know why? Because Elmo is standing right behind you.

Can you find the hidden character?

Elmo says, "Go look at kd6oqf's newer projects or else I'll kill you."


-Favorite this project
-Love this project
-Follow me
-Look at my newer and awesomer projects and comment on them (This is 3 years old!)
-Favorite, love, and comment on this project (Made by kd6oqf): http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/12249576/
Follow this studio (Made by kd6oqf): http://scratch.mit.edu/studios/507633/

Or else Elmo will get you...

Notes and Credits

The original Elmo Knows Where You Live! Accept no imitations!

If you're a fan of object shows, go here and favorite, love and comment on this project! (made by me) http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/12249576/

Check out and follow my "Mario Kart Mashups" studio! http://scratch.mit.edu/studios/507633/

Don't forget to look at my newer and awesomer projects! :D

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