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WhatTheCommunityIsLoving 25/9 - 1/10/2018
After four months of advertising, coding and stressing, I present to you, the Avicii Tribute MAP!!!
Let me tell you something...
Tim Bergling, otherwise known as Avicii, died on the 20th of April, 2018. At only 28 years old, his death saddened the world. For those of you who don't know, Avicii was a Swedish DJ, remixer, and record producer, and the creator of many songs.
This was (in my opinion) one of his best songs, so I decided to host a MAP in his name. At first, I didn't really think about my choice of song, but I realised a few weeks ago, how the song is about life, and growing old, and how ironic it is that Avicii died so young.
I gave the animators the theme of Life and Death or New Beginnings, and although many of them did not stick to that theme, I would like to thank...
Part 1: @Orchestreet - I am so sorry for my relentless reminders,
thank you so much for taking a part!
Part 2: @lucym2019 - I love your pixelated art style, it is so beautiful!
Part 3: @TARDISGIRL189 - Thank you for doing a part at such short
notice! I love how you interpreted the
Part 4: @meiari - Thank you for doing a part at such short notice!
I am in love with your art - and the story behind
Part 5: @Elephants27 - You are an amazing animator, and you did
your part so quickly! I hope you go on to do
great things!
Part 6: @EDIEANDNAJ - I am so happy you were able to do it!
You've always been a huge role model for
me on Scratch!
Part 7: @mythaci - Wow. Just wow. And see, I loved your part so
much I made it into a thumbnail!
Part 8: @Caiit - Thank you for being my first applicant, and the first
person to do their part!
Part 9: @The_Dragonfly - Ohmygosh your art is just AMAZING. So
much love <3. What art program do you
Part 10: @cinnamon_bun_puff - I loved your part! The name
animation was amazing!
Part 11: @mariomanconnor - I'm sorry there was a problem with the
sprites, but still, I loved the creativity
and simplicity of your part!
Part 12: @-Artemis
Once again, thank you so much to the animators who took part! I'm so glad to call this my first MAP xP. I’m so happy to be able to say that this is my 100th project as well!
Show your respect to this wonderful artist by leaving a love, a favourite and dropping a comment. Don't forget to follow me and all the amazing animators above, and check out my currently open Hall of Fame MAP! https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/235924012/

RIP Avicii. <3

If you are looking for a MAP to enter, please check out the above link or go here: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/244278876/

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