part 10 // Poor, Unfortunate Souls Mapleshade MAP

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what do you mean none of my maps have been completed?
*nervous chuckling*
(because why not)
1. I know what you're thinking, and I'm gonna stop you right there. I made a different design for Mapleshade to make animating her easier. The same also goes for Crookedjaw.
2. This is a MAP for experienced animators! :D
3. Don't bother linking me; Just know that I'll be checking out your animations to see if you have the level of experience needed for this MAP.
4. You don't need to read Crookedstar's Promise for this, although it could clear things up.
5. This MAP is supposed to be about Mapleshade convincing Crookedjaw to promise loyalty to his clan, and to keep quiet about her.
6. References and codeword are both included inside the project.
7. Please, no PMV without asking first! These parts aren't too long, honestly...
8. Although this is supposed to be serious and dark, go all out with part 14! Try and center it around Mapleshade mentioning Crookedjaw's crooked jaw.
9. The background should be a dark, gloomy forest, complete with mossy trees and glowing mushrooms.
10. Lipsync would be cool! If you're not the best with lipsync, try and avoid animating up-close of Mapleshade.
11. Have fun, and use your own art/animations!
12. Try and get your part in a week after getting it! It's okay if it takes longer; The 'week' thing is just a suggestion.
13. Remix this project alone for your part. It helps me keep track of who finishes. owo
14. Try and animate on a different program, unless you're fantastic with Scratch.
15. Try your hardest, please! I want this MAP to be amazing! :0

Now, for a bit on the designs....
Mapleshade : Mapleshade needs to be dripping with sarcasm and darkness, confident in everything she does. Remember, she's a cold-blooded kitty! Mapleshade's markings are on her ear-tips, nose, lining her eyes, paws, and tail-tip. It's a simpler design to keep the animating easier. It looks like a possible cat design. But then comes the eyes. Mapleshade should have yellow pupils with a hot-pink highlight, and the surrounding area should be black. If you can, add a pink glowing effect around Mapleshade.. Mapleshade should be a larger cat, but sleek and short-haired.

Crookedjaw : Remember, this is a younger version of Crookedstar. This should show in his design. He has several tabby markings scattered throughout his face, and a broken jaw. Crookedjaw should be slightly smaller than Mapleshade, and his eyes should be a wee bit larger to give a childish effect. Crookedjaw needs to be very fluffy! Go all out with his fur! :D

Welcome to the bottom of the instructions, I guess. If you read all the way down here, good job! If you just scrolled for the passcode, go back to the top and re-read, please. :)

Notes and Credits (added by rosebreezee)

Thank you so much to @pixelpichu3 for letting me join this MAP! I hope the part looks okay <3 And thanks again for making the designs easy to animate, that was lovely lol

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