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You're a policeman stuck in a room full of zombies. One of the many victims in the city.

My 2nd major scratch project
Demo version of how the gameplay may be like on the final version.

*Few glitches came up when I uploaded it , so I recommend to click the green flag twice to fix that...*

WASD keys to move around
SPACE to sprint/cancel sprint
"F" for flashlight
Click to shoot (don't shoot too fast or it will not shoot)

This game also has a sanity level, it decreases if you look at the zombies for too long. As your sanity decreases, it's harder to aim and your character becomes disorientated. Once it reaches at insane level, your charcter will refuse to aim properly.

More things I'll add in the future:
-Campaign mode
-More guns
-Limited ammunition
-Different types of zombies
-Candle light (flashlight will run out of batteries)
-Co-op mode?
-NPC that will help you kill zombies
-Drugs and medicine to increase sanity level

It'll kinda be like rpg/shooter game where you'll level up charaters and buy new weapons. I'll add some story to the game. I need to think of a better title for this...

Be sure to love it and give support so I'll continue working on it till it's finished :D

and btw,

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