The Quest [Outdated Demo]

See inside

This is a demo of a new game I am working on. It will probably replace Arrow Master 2. In the beginning cinema, press space to continue, or type "SKIP" to completely bypass it.

In the game, use the arrow keys to navigate the area. Press Space to jump. Should you get stuck in the ground for any reason, you will respawn at the beginning. When you find the weird purple dude, you'll know you're at the end. In the full version, this will trigger a cutscene and a battle.

Do you notice how he shifts around slightly when you move near him? I'm trying to fix this before I move on.
If someone could tell me how to solve this, I would be very glad.

Notes and Credits

Credit to @tali1665 for the music in the purple area.
Credit to The Legend of Zelda for inspiration.

1 love-it = 1 respect for the full version.

This version is no longer supported. Please view the new demo of this game!

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