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Welcome to Chromatic, a world where everyone is vivid and beautiful, with different colours. Except for you. You are white, and you are on a mission to change your colour! (And yes, I know the menu is white)
How to Play
- Up and down to switch lanes
- Avoid spike balls and the rainbow people
- Collect the gems that change your colour
- Jump pads spring you up a lane
- @CODE599 for the original character
- @ToadFanSchool for the highscore concept
- @GLECK for the music
- @SullyBully for the smooth glide script which was essential for the character code
Be sure to follow me if you enjoyed this!

Also, everyone is beautiful just the way they are. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You are fine just the way you are, but in the rainbow world everyone has to "fit in"

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