Nyan Cat The MATH Game -- Area and Circumference of Circles

remixed by LolCat72
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I was bored and started playing Nyan Cat the Math Game, and decided THIS WOULD BE THE FUNNEST WAY TO STUDY FOR GEOMETRY MIDTERMS EVER!!!!

This is not a cheap remix even though it looks like it is. I dissected and tore apart the code to implement math into the game. Graphics and sound effects weren't changed.

Now made easier.

Messed up variable positions online. Download or deal.


Use your mouse to guide Nyan Cat, Scratch Cat, or Tac Nayn. To choose, you're going to have to cycle through the choices at least once to get what you want. Dodge asteroids. If you hit one, your life is saved if you answer an integer division problem right. Eat cake by getting integer multiplication problems right to earn points. Pick up Fire Cat power up by getting integer addition problems right to be able to move up and down faster. Pick up a Shield Cat power up by getting integer subtraction problems right to be invincible for a short time. Use R to reset high scores.

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