Cast blaster extended extended

See inside

Click or hold the mouse to shoot. Blast all the characters before they reach the bottom!

If 9 characters fall, it's game over!

Notes and Credits

Characters from scratch, @storm101, and me.


Scratch cat(50% chance of 1 second EMP effect when blasted)

nano(appears tiny 50% of the time.)

After Bronze(1 min):

Gobo(75% chance of spawning the scratch cat when blasted.

STW cat(revives as angel STW cat/appears less)

Angel STW cat(slow/does not spawn randomly/shots cut past him/invincible while spawning)

Pico(10% chance of spawning 2 of himself if blasted/fast)

After silver(2 min):

Zee face(super fast/25% chance of 2 second EMP when blasted)

Fire cat(50% chance of 1 second unstable firing when blasted/fast)

After gold(3 min):

Terra(deflects some shots(stalled if a blast fails))
STS cat(25% chance of 2 second instability when blasted/causes instability on contact)

After master(4 min):

Valire cat(super hard to blast(stalled if a blast fails)/slow/appears less)

After champ( 5 min):

Elem cat(almost impossible to blast(stalled if a blast fails)/2% chance of 1 second EMP when blasted(success or not)/rare/does not count towards strikes/EMP affect on contact with cannon)

Black cat (stops appearing when you are extreme champ/???)

After extreme champ( 6 min):
Parrot(blocks all shots/flying)
Giga(10% chance of doubling the amount of characters in play after being blasted)

After unstoppable(7 min):
???(now you've asked for it!)

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