Scratch Paint Editor V1.0 (100% Pen)

See inside

Click on the different tools to use them, this editor is designed to work very similar to the one built into scratch. Shift options work for the line tool, and the layer change buttons. Press space to toggle hiding the toolbar.

Press E to export the picture as an SVG image. You must click see inside and then right click on the list and choose export to save your image. Make sure to change the extension to .svg. Press E again to hide the list. You can then import the svg file as a scratch costume.

Notes and Credits

Having a lot shapes, (especially if they are filled) may cause some lag. Restarting the project will only reset the selected tool and the pen thickness.
One of the missing features I may add later is Undo and Redo buttons. Probably took me about 24 hours across 1 week or less to make this.
Thanks to @Za-Chary for curating this, I'm glad it is getting some attention.
Fancy Scrolling Platformer I made:
Cloud Multiplayer Game I wrote:

Features include:
-Selecting shapes
-Move selected shape by dragging it.
-Move selected shape with the arrow keys.
-Rotate selected shape by dragging the rotate handle.
-Scale selected shape by dragging any of the four scale handles.
-Change the layer of the selected shape using the buttons in the lower left corner. (Hold shift to move it to the front or back.)
-Reshape shapes.
-Remove key points while reshaping by clicking them.
-Add key points while reshaping by clicking on a line.
-Change the thickness while reshaping to change the shape's thickness.
-Drag the endpoints of a shape with at least 4 points together to close it making it fillable.
-Fill any closed shape with the bucket tool.
-Change the color of a shape's edge with the bucket tool.
-Select the color of a shape or its edge with the eyedropper tool.
-Make rectangles with the rectangle tool.
-Clone shapes by clicking them with the clone tool.
-Make lines with the line tool.
-Hold s while making a line to force it to be at a 90 degree angle.
-Click the two arrows to swap the two color options.
-Use the color picker to choose any color.
-Press 0 to delete the selected shape.
-Change the line thickness using the thickness slider. (Note shapes with thinner edges cause more lag when filled.)

This project uses a slightly modified version of the color picker I made: The only real change is that this one has a pen brightness slider, while the original one uses sprites for the slider.

This project is also 100% pen except for the list that shows to export the image as an SVG.

It was inspired by my original paint editor called Super Paint Editor, though it shares almost no code with it.

The entire renderer and most of the tools are a single sprite with a second sprite for the exporter, and one more that handles the buttons and color picker.

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