How I Sprained my Ankle

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This is 100% true for the whole family to enjoy. Kids, gather around as I tell this cinematic tale.
But geez my new laptop does NOT have a good microphone.

The goose that chased me was a Canadian Goose. They are so aggressive and loud and they poop EVERYWHERE. No joke, the sidewalks are littered with large amounts of fecal matter. It's disgusting.
As how @TakeASeatCat puts it: "=\ Them darn geeses, I tell ya.. "
And how @FUZZIE-WEASEL says: "geese are really scary
they have teeth"

Yeah! First animation of the summer! Well, for me at least :P I have lots planned for you guys, so stay tuned for more EPIC SCRATCH CONTENT. Leave a love and a fave down below and go obliterate that follow button so you get notified when I post a new project!
Now I'm starting to sound like a Youtuber... XD
Should I start using my Youtube account?

Also.... 3 years on Scratch...
And 6k followers....

- A hidden @Derble
- Honk from Scratch
- Inception
- Ow ooh EE ah and explosion is from SpongeBob
- Qumu for making the Remixed Super Mario Bros Overworld musics

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