Disease Simulation 2

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Bug: May not start the first time; reclick green flag or refresh.

Bug: Apparently, immunity doesn't work online. Well, it may or may not. So if you see a bunch of yellows and reds when you're sure there should be greens, just imagine they're there, okay? Lol.

For school--disease simulator.

Set the name of the disease, the catch and fatality rate, and more.

The white space represents the healthy part of the population that has not yet contracted the disease.

The yellow dots represent those that are infected.

The red dots represent the people who have died of the sickness.

The green dots represent those that are immune or became immune to the disease.


Generally based more on probability than actuality; on the concept of flipping a coin.

When it is asked how fast the disease progresses, "Instantly" means approx. within a 24 hour time span.

**I should probably make 'hours' days and 'minutes' hours, lol.

Nothing fancy--It's all really basic, and it's more of a 'faux' simulation, but it works all the same.

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