Firing clones from clones

See inside

This is a very simple little game designed to demonstrate a method for making clones fire things that are also clones.
Click green flag to (re)start, move the green orb with the mouse, don't let the laser bolts hit it - see how long you can survive.
You get a point for each laser bolt that you escape.
Apologies if, like me, you have a ~2012 MacBook which suffers from black flickering whenever the project uses colour effect :(

Notes and Credits

The shooting method used here has the turrets and laserbolts as clones of the same sprite. When a turret shoots a laser, all it has to do is temporarily set the "Type" local variable, then create a clone. The new laserbolt clone is placed at the same location as the clone that created it - i.e. right where it's meant to be!
So no need for lists, or global variable with co-ordinates.

There are plenty of simple enhancements that could be added to make the game a bit more interesting - such as bonus objects, extra health, homing missiles, cloud hi-score table, etc.
But the purpose of this is to be a simple demo - so feel free to remix and add those things yourself! :)

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