Scratch Memes #1

See inside

DISCLAIMER: These are not the weird memes like "Da Wae."
If that disappoints you, GET OFF MY PROJECT! (just kidding, please stay. Don't report poor humour, either).

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If this goes down well, I'll make more ;)
Edit: Well Dang I'm making more then (89 messages XD)
Edit edit: Loved by @-Rocket- and @Derble?
Edit edit edit: And @Microsoft_Animations!
Edit edit edit edit: And @Dhilly?
Edit edit edit edit edit: Scratch Memes 2 is hard (all my ideas are in this one XP)

Notes and Credits

Please look at my other projects too, if you can ;)
Can this get top loved?

Note: Scratch 3.0 is good, but although Scratch 2.0 was friendly to all ages, 3.0 seems almost childish with the huge blocks, which make it almost impossible to properly see a whole script on a single screen without zooming out, which makes the text really difficult to read.
See it for yourself here:

Kevin MacLeod

Voice: (I used Harry, British

@Will_Wam (Is still amazing)
' @ceebee*
Sea Lion by @emtk
Star Wars
The Hobbit
Harry Potter

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