Ready as I'll ever be MAP *OPEN* BACKUPS OPEN!

See inside

1. For all stages of animators!
2. Don't be shy! Ask for a part! I will take you, if the part is not taken.
3. You can make just a little of PMV, but not a full PMV!
4. Only one sprite!
5. The REAL codeword is ''Epic fight'', don't use the one at the bottom
6. It's about the battle between Bloodclan and Lionclan
7. Max 4 parts for one user (Outro doesn't count)
8. Must remix it, but ONLY, WHEN I GIVE YOU A PART! (I can't remix it, so i will just give a link XD)

(Codeword is ''Banana'')

Notes and Credits

♥=Firestar is singing
☻=Sandstorm is singing
♦=Whitestorm is singing
♣=Longtail is singing
◘=Graystripe is singing

Part 1= ♥ Any moment now, your highness @Sissycat2006
Part 2= ♥ Believe me, I know I've sunk pretty low, but whatever I've done you deserved ♣ Varian! ♥ Quiet! @Sissycat2006
Part 3= ♥ I'm the bad guy, that's fine, It's not fault of mine, and some justice at last will be served! ☻ Please listen! @FNaF_Maker123 *DONE*
Part 4= ♥ Now it's time to step up Or it's time to back down And there's only one answer for me @FNaF_Maker123 *DONE*
Part 5=♥ And I'll stand up and fight cause I know that I'm right And I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready @FNaF_Maker123
Part 6=♥ Ready as I'll ever be @FNaF_Maker123
Part 7=☻ Now it's time to rise up Or it's time to stand down @WarriorcatsFannie
Part 8=☻ And the answer is easy to see @WarriorcatsFannie
Part 9=☻ And I swear by the sword If you're in, get on board Are you ready? @WarriorcatsFannie
Part 10=♣ I'm ready, ♣+◘ We're ready, We're ready! ☻Ready as I'll ever be! @1630170
Part 11=♦ Are you quite sure we can do this? @Moonshine1234
Part 12=☻ Together we will, guarantee! @HorizonclanMovieNerd
Part 13= ♥ I'll make them hear me! ♣+◘+♦ Now it's time to redeem Or it's time to resolve ☻ Prove they can trust me ♣+♦+◘ And the outcome will hardly come free ☻ I'll save my home and family @Boaboarules22 *DONE*
Part 14= Now the line's in the sand And our moment's at hand ♥ And I'm ready ☻ I'm ready ♣+◘+♦ I'm ready! @1630170
Outro= @FNaF_Maker123

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