make me an oc contest OPEN!!!! My entree

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so here you have to a make a character
1#What ever you want with a shout out for a month
2#an Animation of your character
3#A collab
4# 5 AT's
{IMPORTANT: add a bio}
No being mean
you can use other softwares
you don't need a background
no copying of others
ADD A BIO for points
and any details extra points
try finishing your entries soon as possible
try remixing this project

Notes and Credits (added by mewmewthekittycat)

Edit: Wooohoooo this got first place! I actually almost forgot about this but i was going through my projects and found this so i asked when the results were coming out and.... here we are! This is the first time i got first place in anything, and i'm almost possitive it's not about my art because when i drew this, well, let's just say i had a pretty bad art style.

Edit 3: Wow it's fun to look back on older victories, isn't it? Older OCs, too. I haven't even thought about Diamond for a long, long time.

none.... although i do hope i win XD but doesn't everyone?
i forgot the backstory. oops. sooooo here!:
When diamond was a pup, her mother abandoned her in the mountains just outside her territory so she grew up alone. all until she met a wolf nobody knows of. Another wolf later found out that they became mates, but never saw the male. When Diamond returned to her pack, she wanted power so much that she challenged her alpha female. The first time she lost, but she kept trying and eventually won.

Edit again:
Wow that was a short story compared to what i do now.... geez.

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