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Hello there amazing people of Scratch!

l have decided to host yet another MAP! As the previous two were really fun to do as well as successful. ln this one l want to bring attention to how important divergence and diversity is. l made a studio for this a while back which will be down below!

Some people struggle to ‘fit in’ every single day and that can lead to sadness and depression. We are all different and we all feel the need to fit in. But we are all diverse and that gives us power if we learn to accept ourselves first! The song expresses the process of achieving this and represents struggle, indecision, not fitting in and being you. l hope the animators can express this! =D

How to apply:
~ Firstly listen to the song
~ Then chose an OPEN part you'd want to do
~ Post a comment on this project - where you must include:
1) The part you want to do
2) 2 links to previous animations *if you were invited you don't
need to as l love your animations*
3) The codeword

~ Relate to the lyrics and the theme!
~ Chose a small part if you are a beginner or longer if you are more experienced
~No neon colours, please! Use colours that relate to the mood of the song. AND use at least one shade of blue if possible!
~ if l don't reply within 2 days it is a polite no. Sorry! If you do want me to reply even though it could be a no include the word amaze in your comment.
~No gore/fandoms/violence etc. You get the picture right?
~ Maximum of 2 sprites and 1 Background
~ 1 part per animator – we want diversity!
~ Please animate with humans so that the MAP can be more relatable to the viewer. If you draw animals with human proportions or hybrids you can – but keep it realistic!
~ Now this is different from most MAPs as l want YOU to be the one to decide on your own deadline! =D You can decide any time preferably before mid-August.
~ Please give your best when doing your part - if l believe that you can do better l will tell you. if this does happen please don't feel ashamed of yourself but as helpful critique to reach your biggest potential!
~ I don’t mind whether it’s PMV or AMV so in your sample application give the one most similar to what you want to animate.
~ If you want you can say what you aim to animate in your part and I could help you brainstorm!
~ There is no outro in this MAP so if you chose the intro be aware that l'll have a more specific criteria. xD The codeword is blue
~ The lyrics for the parts are in a comment inside! Feel free to code the part any way you want as l'll modify them all in the end - please avoid effect blocks though.
~ lf you have any doubts don't be afraid to ask!
~ Last but not least... HAVE FUN!!!

lntro: @Niamh- DONE
Part 1: @Luna-Lovegood- DONE ++
Part 2: @_MockingJay_ DONE
Part 3: @EcIipsed DONE
Part 4: @glitter_caticorn DONE ++
Part 5: @laymonade DONE
Part 6: @cinnamon_bun_puff DONE
Part 7: @jd76 --
Part 8: @TheWordWeaver DONE
Part 9: @LOLipop31 DONE
Part 10: @SCeevee8 DONE
Part 11: @Princess_Productions DONE
Part 12: @teamfam DONE
Part 13: @Meilii- DONE
Part 14: @AztecRose
Part 15: @Swishii DONE
Part 16: @SewCuteStudios DONE
Part 17: @marysqueak DONE
Part 18: @nicolemaepark DONE
Part 19: @catak DONE
Part 20: @-Chocolistic- DONE
Part 21: @A_Bluebird
Part 22: @WintyMint DONE
Part 23: @netingfei DONE
Part 24: @winklinq DONE

- Jessie J for the amaze song Who Are You
- @Meilii- for suggesting me to do a MAP for my studio! Almost got your username correct from memory *forgot the hyphen*
- The actual studio: https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/4308392/
- Art and code by me in FireAlpaca and Scratch!

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