Scratchcraft Alpha 0.3

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Notes and Credits (added by Dawgles)

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--Performance tip--
Right click the flash player and set Quality to Low.

--Generic controls--
Click to destroy blocks.
Hold B and click to place blocks.

--Other Controls--
C to take a long distance photograph.
0 and 1 to change view distance (might cause lag!)
F to toggle Fly/Noclip mode

--Fly/Noclip Mode--
WASD to move horizontally, E to fly up, Q to fly down. Left and right arrows to rotate.

--Normal Mode--
WASD to move, left and right arrows to rotate, space to jump.

0.3: Added placing and removal of blocks! Added simple menu, changed some things. Fixed rendering now defaults to on, turn it off for a small speed boost.

0.11: R now fixes wonky lines in rendering. Optimisation attempt, preparation for X rotation.

In the future I plan to optimise the drawing (there is a lot of room for optimisation) to get it running at a constant 30 FPS even with rotation in both directions. Also support building, breaking, more blocks and an actual terrain generator.

Do NOT download to play. This will only play well in the new Flash Player! You can download to see the code, of course.

My first real project in scratch. I made (and am making) this to practice using mathematics in programming to make interactive 3D environments.

Please spread the word about this, I worked pretty hard on it.

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