Cloud List [Revamped] [V2.1.0]

by Lirex
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V.2.1.0 (March/04/2015)
The all-new Cloud List by @Lirex and @Yllie - Supports:
- Unlimited data storage
- Case Sensing, up to 97 different characters
- An easier to use, more efficient and more stable engine

Instructions: See Inside. You need to do some setup first.

Feel free to use this Engine - just give credit to me and provide a link to this project. :)

Wonder how to do case sensing in Scratch? Take a look at this tutorial:

Notes and Credits

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Thanks a lot to @Yllie for testing, making suggestions, drawing the graphics and working around the join block bug
Thanks to @DadOfMrLog for some string manipulation blocks and the workaround.
V.2.0.0 (June/23/2014)
V2.0.2 (July/09/2014) - Fixes
V.2.1.0 (March/04/2015) - Rewrite so you now can store unlimited amounts of data. Thanks to @Yllie! :)

-- last edit 29 Apr 2015

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