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Hiiiiii! Everyone! If you love blockshades but you are bad at doing them, this project is made for you!

Thanks to that, you can take any picture and turn it into a blockshade AUTOMATICALLY :D

You can also save and share your creations by pasting a code here :

1) Import your picture in the background (or use the default ones). Pictures with a few colours will take less time than the more detailed ones.
2) Start the project by clicking on the green flag.
3) Click on the up-part od the screen.
4) Press "C" until your picture is selected.
5) Select the space between every pixel (If you increase the space, the quality will be decreased but it will take less time to compute).
6) Wait until your picture is scanned. IT TAKES A LOT OF TIME SO PLEASE BE PATIENT IT WORTH THE WAIT! (Take a coffe and read the newspapers).
7) Select the strenght of your flockshade effect. A low effect would look like the original picture and a higher effect would reduce the amount of colors.
8) Press "Space" to generate automatically your blockshade or click on the screen to generate it manually. You can reset your work by clicking on "R". You can also have an
9) Get your code by clicking on the list and then pressing CTLR A, CTLR C.
10) Share your creation on this topic :

Notes and Credits

All the scripts are by me.
FEEL FREE TO REMIX ! (but give credits)
Don't forget to leave a like / favorite :D
And follow @bidulule
Also thanks to @GoldyIsland for the challenge ^^

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