~SWC Leader Application~

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~SWC Leader Application~
When I saw the applications, I knew I just had to apply! I've participated in SWC three times, and I'm really excited to do it again. ;)
I hope you like my application! :D

BANG! BANG! The sound of gunshots rang out. CRASH! Glass windows shattered. Everywhere I looked, there was chaos. People were running everywhere. The troops from Endaina had ambushed us. Our troops were no match for them, because most of our best fighters were away, training. Endainan planes were flying in circles, casually dropping soldiers with parachutes. I thought for sure that I would die. I was hiding behind a barrel in a forgotten alleyway, not daring to make a sound. If I did, the Endainan soldiers would hear, and certainly, they would kill me. I clasped my hands over my ears when the next bomb dropped on the next street. Shrapnel exploded everywhere, and I could still hear the sound of laser guns shooting at people and buildings. The Endainan troops wanted to destroy everything, and they didn’t care if they killed many people on the journey. I closed my eyes and wished for the fighting to stop, but I knew it was no use. The Endainians would just keep coming, and destroying our beautiful city.

Art: Me
Code: Me
Original project: @Eclipsed
Music: Clay by Grace Vanderwaal

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