Boss Bash [v.2]

See inside

Click that flag 2 times for good timing!
Get ready for some action pack boss fights! Play as faceless Obama! 8 whole fights!
Here's the same project except without some lag:
Expect lag so click the flag a few times or keep double tapping the screen!
Basic Instructions:
-Arrow keys to move
-Press down to duck
-In every checkpoint use the "help" tab to aid you through the next boss.
-Press the spacebar once in a while to refill your health
(There ARE some cheats in the game! They only work if you click the green flag 2 times.)
The ending to this game will blow your mind so make sure you beat it.

Notes and Credits

-[8 March 2017] No lag
I realize this project isn't that good but I'm not going to change a classic
-[26 May 2014] Another game got in the topped loved category! :D
Thanks to all you guys!
-On the 3rd boss, you must jump on his EAR (sorry for that)
-If you're REALLY having a hard time beating this, ask me what the cheat codes are
For this project I was inspired by @Will_Wam's "The Ghunough"
So please, follow @Will_Wam and love and favorite this:
The faceless obama and the first boss drawing is NOT mine! It's originally belonged to the game Reimagine :The Game: on Newgrounds so go ahead and play that too!
All of these bosses relate to stuff I like :) try to guess what they are in the comments BELOW! Enjoy!

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