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(EDIT #2 - Okay! So sorry I haven't updated this MAP in quite a bit, but I'm going to go ahead and close it ^o^ All comments left I'll still respond to XD I think I'd like parts due July 1, but if you need more time feel free to ask! <3 )

(EDIT - Holy moly, filled in less than a day, I am so sorry to those who I couldn't get a part >.< Backups are open and so are thumbnail tryouts if you are up for either :D)

Hello hello! I have decided to host another MAP <3 This one has a few changes from what I usually do, so please read everything here :)

I decided on this song by Mindy Gledhill because I absolutely love it :D It's a very adorable song about love, and I thought it would be fun to host a MAP with this song :)

Below are the rules ~
- Leave a link to at least one animation you have done below :) I allow anybody who asks a part, but I would love to see your work >w<

- Codeword is love.

- Only one part per person right now, I want to allow as many as I can an opportunity in the MAP <3

- I prefer pastel colours, so please try your best to use pastel rather than intense hues in this MAP :)

- Use whatever characters you'd like, you can use the ones I drew for the MAP, your own characters, or whatever you may choose ^u^

- Ignore the codeword about, the real codeword is actually heart, please hide this in a sentence :D (If you don't use the codeword, I won't respond, I'm very sorry >.<)

- I'm very sorry if you do not get a part this time, I promise the next time I host a MAP, I'll make more parts where I'll give more people a chance ^o^

- I'd like parts to be done in 1 month after you get a part, but I will allow extensions on that :) I'll probably start becoming more strict on this due date once the entire MAP is filled and quite a few parts are done though.

Parts ~

Each part is about 5-7 seconds long, so it shouldn't be too hard to finish up in time :) There are a total of 20 parts up for grabs :D

Intro - @Purplekitten22
Part 1 - @howdytim (DONE)
Part 2 - @_MockingJay_ (DONE)
Part 3 - @tacokatt (DONE)
Part 4 - @Doggo125 (DONE)
Part 5 - @-honeysuckle- (DONE)
Part 6 - @seepancake (DONE)
Part 7 - @Purplekitten22
Part 8 - @AztecRose (DONE)
Part 9 - @BeatlemaniacLily (DONE)
Part 10 - @Milue (DONE)
Part 11 - @Meilli- (DONE)
Part 12 - @4MilkyWoofu (DONE)
Part 13 - @ScarletAsh25888 (?)
Part 14 - @Princess_Productions (DONE)
Part 15 - @CheckingBall (DONE)
Part 16 - @Bobanni
Part 17 - @Sky_Bound (DONE)
Part 18 - @jello (?)
Part 19 - @TapiocaTail (DONE)
Part 20 - @HehtorOCH (DONE)
Outro - @Purplekitten22

Backups -

For those of you who didn't get a part, I'd love to have you as a backup :) Sign up here! ^o^

@-Donutella- (Part 17)
@Akony78 (Part 7 or Part 8)
@ScratchyTarchia (Part 3)
@ @-brightstarii-
@Willow-Shine (Part 5)
@Iost- (Part 8, Part 13, or Part 18)
@Mongoose34 (Part 3 and Part 14) (DONE)
@cookiespls (Part 9)
@CrystalKittyGaming (Part 2)

Thumbnail ~

I decided that I will hold Thumbnail Tryouts for this MAP :) I've never done this before, so it's a bit different for me. Anybody can enter for thumbnail, I'm not sure if I want to do a vote on thumbnail or if I will pick, but that will be decided upon when the time comes >w<

Participants -
@Akari3 (DONE https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/221909815/ )
@superkatdog (DONE)
@ @-brightstarii-
@Willow-Shine (DONE)
@Amykampf1 (DONE)
@Luna-Lovegood- (DONE)
@Popstarqueen78 (DONE)
@manamoon2017 (DONE)
@DoodlePenguin (DONE)
@GalacticPuppyLover (DONE)

MAP Host - @Purplekitten22 (me)

Art, Coding - @Purplekitten22

Song - I Do Adore by Mindy Gledhill

Font I used is called "Gigi".

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