The Chest

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You are an adventurous peasant who stumbles across an ancient and mysterious chest, what are you going to do? Try to destroy it of course! W,A,D or Arrow keys to move, CLICK to attack.

*New update! (25 April 2017) See what's new in the
'Change log' below!*

Ever wanted to build your own floating city? Of course you have,
now it's possible!>

Notes and Credits

* The Chest 2 - *

This also a thank you project for 800 followers! Thanks <3 aannnd
now its 900! WOW!! recommend full screen for the best experience. (click the blue square, top left of the projects window)

- 3/08/2014 - '1337' love-its! :D Thanks everyone!
- 5/10/2014 - 30,000 views! woah! thanks :D
- 6/02/2015 - '2015' love its!
- 11/03/2015 - 40,000 VIEWS!!
- 3/09/2015 - 50K VIEWS <3

Music by CrocaDino, GundayMatt and Celestial Sticker from Newgrounds
Inspired by 'upgrade games', Coinbox hero and Open That Chest! (by @shadowspear1). also inspired by various RPG games :)
Turbo detector by @AonymousGuy

Change log-

25 April 2017 - Reduced volume when using the dragons key

8 September 2015 - Fixed rune of the fleet, it should now work properly.

16 July 2015 - Added in a new companion for everyone, also updated the frost slimes sprite and made him jump around sometimes :)

8 March 2015 - Plains of the Void update!

Added an entirely new area known as the void. After defeating the elder dragon, a mysterious portal will appear, be prepared for those who enter are not often seen again. The void allows you to fight increasingly stronger enemies each time you choose to enter it rewarding you with more loot each time!

-added 3 new characters to unlock
-fixed a bug where the mute would reset on the green flag.
-made runes slightly harder to get.
-returning to your home base (when clicking the green flag) will take a portion of your money.
-fixed bug where some sounds would play when muted.
-fireballs now fade out as they are falling
-updated intro
-fixed enemy limit bug
-added enemy flash effect when hit
-simplified below updates because of the word limit :(
-more stuff coming soon!

9 November 2014 -
-Companions! You can now get companions that aid you in your travels. Companions give you unique buffs and just make your time getting ridiculously rich less lonely. Companions are awesome!! (all unlocked from the start at the moment, this will change in the future)
-other stuff...
- bug fixes
- removed candy from Halloween update

2 November 2014 - The player can no longer be controlled while the shop is open, also for a limited time bronze coins have been replaced with candy...?! good thing they sell for the same price...

10 October 2014 - Awesome new things! :D In addition to a cleaner health bar, modified enemy sprites, new refuge hill ground texture
and a little scripting optimization there are now mysterious runes appearing in the lands?! Collecting these runes seem to change the very fabric of the world! Can you get them all?

4 October 2014 - Made some adjustments to magic, it has got some very slight deviation now and an awesome new 'hit' animation!

29 September 2014 - 2 new characters! and those who read this will know how to unlock them! (you've got to beat the boss again for the first, and beat the boss a second time, with full health, for character number two!) Good luck!

6 September 2014- Added mute button.

20 August 2014- Fixed dragon spawn bug.

11 August 2014- Changed fireball costumes

5 August 2014- Fixed some bugs.

1 August 2014- Dragons Lair is here! You can now travel to the dragons lair and battle him for the only means of opening the ancient chest, the forbidden key! also changed some UI elements.

28 July 2014- more loot on kills, UI changes, less HP potion spawn chance and quick 'return' button.

26 July 2014 - New character!

27 June 2014 - New area and enemy!

22 May 2014 - New location, enemies, music tracks, HP potions + bug fixes!

20 May 2014 - new stuff!

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