Parking Mania

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My latest project, a minecraft contest!

Play this awesome game!!


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My record is beating the 10 levels in 3 lives, can anyone beat it?

Accelerate with the up arrow and brake with the down arrow. Move left and right with the left and right arrows.

There are 10 levels that eventually get harder and harder.

You'll need to explore to find the parking space, needing to get past other cars and driving down the smallest of roads. You'll need to stop completely in the space to go to the next level.

Tell me what level you got to! :D

Love it for more levels!!

Have fun, good luck and press love it!

Coming in Parking Mania 2:

-Headlights and brake lights and such ✓
-A few levels will be at night so you won't be able to see much
-Trees bordering the road ✓
-More obstacles
-More types of obstacle car
-Much, much harder
-All round improved graphics
-Improved steering ✓
-Improved speedometer ✓
-Fixed bugs
-Score on how well you parked
-You get timed on each level
-Hardcore mode- if you crash you start all the levels again from the beginning ✓
-Improved acceleration and braking ✓
-Improved speed limiter ✓
-Tires turn when arrows are pressed

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