Drop The Shadow

See inside

Click on the green flag to start.

Use arrow keys to rotate objects.

Press f or click on the Fine tuning button when you get close to the solution to fine tune into the right position.

Goal: find the right position to match light-green shadow.

To check if you have right solution or not, simply stop using arrow keys for 1.5 seconds. This will trigger evaluation script (see status bar). There is certain tolerance when evaluating solutions, but it is not great (you have to be rather precise).

Time needed to solve each level (there are 4 of them) will be measured and possible penalties added (see bellow), which will than together make your total score.

There are 2 rotation axes. Position of rotating objects is given with 2 sliders on Axis 1 and Axis 2 bars. There is at least one solution in each of bar regions: green, yellow and red. If you find solution in the green region there will be no penalties. If slider (this applies to both sliders) ends up in yellow region penalty is 4 seconds. 8 seconds penalty for red region. If you reach the limit (+/-900 degrees) you have to turn back, since there will be no solution counted (recognized by evaluation script).

Have a fun!

Notes and Credits

I used 3D House project by Eriquito360 as engine in this project.

Feel free to remix this project and make more levels (there could be many).

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