11 Things Every Scratcher is Guilty Of v1.2

by Meyy26
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FPC = Front Page Curator. More info here: https://en.scratch-wiki.info/wiki/Curator_(front_page)
Guys there's actually 11 things, wait for the thumbnail to fade away first
| Erm...green flag...then space...yeah. |
|Press the m key to toggle the music on/off.|
oh mY this is trending???!!!! May 4, 2018 thank you all!!

Notes and Credits

Update June 7/8: I think people are copying this project without giving credit. If you notice any projects very similar to this, please tell me! Thank you :)

Music is Upbeat Happy Music by Royalty Free Background Music on YT.

I should give credit to all of you cuz you inspired some of these, but @GoldyIsland thought of some!

What thing have you done/not done yet? xD Tell me in the comments!

Disclaimer: like with pretty much 90% of my projects, please do not take this seriously (except for the @griffpatch fact, that's true) :P
Thank you for all the loves, faves, views and comments!! <3
Wow, tysm for 8000 views! This is my first project to get on the front page solely by itself (so no curation, SDS, etc.) so thank you!! :)
THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR 1000 LOVES. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. THAT’S INSANE. THANK YOU. (Shoutout to @Kluafstar for the 1000th love!) <33

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