Sly Cooper game

remixed by aracanide
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Instructions in game.


Click the green flag multiple times.

Learn techniques to move more slowly.

Remember you can only control your speed while you are on the ground, while in the air you will maintain that speed.
Try tapping then jumping, don't simply hold the arrow key down.
Pressing the other direction as you land on a platform can help stop you from falling off.
Sometimes you don't even need to hold the arrow key down, try building momentum for the first jump, then holding the space bar, you'll find you gradually slow down.
Sometimes you'll find you need to speed up a little to make the next jump, hold the arrow key down as you land will make your next jump a lot faster.
Wall jumping gradually loses momentum.

my first project i looked at the same game for five month to figure how to copies this game i will add more to it and it was fun i am a biggggg fan of sly cooper

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