sketch dump #6

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hoo boy! im so sorry for missing april! i was super busy and was having a bit of a block :/
either way, have an art dump!

also happy pride month :) june twentygayteen baby!

Notes and Credits

1. cover
2. you may have seen that i updated my "about me" project! also i have a new icon :)
3-4. you can tell when im having an art block bc i always draw myself
5. sketch page!
6. some cool ppl i saw on the subway
7. girls playing bass is very hot ft. japanese breakfast (give them a listen!)
8. another musical artist i rly like, the blow!
9. i was practicing how to draw instruments a lot
10. snapshots of school
11. the resolution is horrible
12-14. thank you to my good friend spencer for lending me their wonderful oc's to draw!!! they used to have a scratch acc but stopped using it so i cant @ them :/
15. realism practice
16. some grayscale + semi realism practice
17. monster prom is very fun, also vera is hot
18. taz amnesty folks!
19. lorde. i worked insanely hard on this one (a 3 day effort)

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