Minecraft Clicker

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Minecraft Clicker 2 >>> https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/91545535/

Minecraft clicker 2 is out!

WOW! 110,000+ Views!

This Game is finished! I will fix bugs and glitches so tell me any please
Works On Tablets! I tried it! (cant change music or background)

Art. Minecraft and Mineblox13
Code. Mineblox13
Music. Minecraft
Inspired by. Cookie clicker & Minecraft
Special Thanks. Scratch, Notch, Jeb, StormsMC , and scratch team!

Notes and Credits

=================Change Log=======================

(11/23/15) [v.1.12] Fixed spelling mistakes!

(8/25/14) [v.1.12] Fixed Some Printing Bugs!

(8/25/14) [v.1.11] Now Prints your new your click value every time you click on the block!

(8/24/14) [v.1.10] Points are printed, its not that orange var!

(6/21/14) [v.1.01] Miner not OP ( Over Powered) and reset high scores to make it fair!

(5/9/14) [v.1.00] added high score, surprise (after cookie block), removed cheat!

(5/8/14) [v.0.91] fixed bug.

(5/8/14) [v.0.90] added great new songs, edited dialog, and made shop items more helpful.

(5/7/14) [v.0.83] Fixed miner & Enchantments

(5/7/14) [v.0.82] Cool new intro!

(5/7/14) [v.0.81] Replaced Villager with miner, retextured miner!

(5/7/14) [v.0.80] SFX, New Upgrade, Click effect!

(5/7/14) [v.0.73] fixed Enchanting price, always a whole number and a bit cheaper!

(5/7/14) [v.0.72] enchantment table now changes in price!

(5/7/14) [v.0.71] fixed 2 bugs!

(5/7/14) [v.0.70] added obsidian pickax, sand, ender eye, emerald, and end stone!

(5/6/14) [v.0.60] New block, can only get one enchantment at a time, new enchantment, potato, change music(m), and Changed background(b).

(5/6/14) [v.0.51] *Patched Cheat* Hold down space for a continuous click! Sorry @Liplop14

(5/6/14) [v.0.50] Now shows click value, can turn off particles, and can click the block with space.

(5/6/14) [v.0.42]Fixed Enchanting

(5/6/14) [v.0.41] made the block upgrade a bit more helpful!

(5/6/14) [v.0.40] Particles, enchantment upgrades, and enchantments.

(5/6/14) [v.0.31] Rebalansed points!

(5/6/14) [v.0.30] New Upgrades, Points per Sec, and new blocks!

(5/5/14) [v.0.23] Changed background

(5/5/14) [v.0.22] fixed bug (after you buy pickax it would try to buy the next pickax)

(5/5/14) [v.0.21] fixed Points (will always be a whole number) and tweaked pickax cost.

(5/5/14) [v.0.20] Music and upgrades

(5/5/14)[v.0.10]- released.

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