Lyrics Taken Literally

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FEATURED 5/9/18 (Thanks @Stickmanimator/ @AlphaJack for propsing this to be featured!)
TOP LOVED 5/9/18
If this gets to 1000 i will make a sequel and it will be longer!
200...300...400........800 Loves! 5/9/18!
Woah, 1000 Loves already?
I'm going to start doing the Sequel and 1000 faves!
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5/10/18 2000 Favorites!
5/11/18 100 Remixes!
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5/??/18 4000 Favorites
5/16/18 6000 Loves
11th on Popular (Animations) !!!
Loved by: @-Cinematic- and @TakeASeatCat and @-Splattered-, @ceebee, @MrRaisin and @forever- and @GLECK and @-BoyMcBoy- and @TNTsquirrel and @ImMaximum and more which i can't even remember cause my messages are soo long!! XD

Notes and Credits

Thanks for the feature Scratch Team!
The Sequel:

@TakeASeatCat and @TNTsquirrel, @FancyFoxy, @FunnyAnimatorJimTV, @forever- for inspiration.

And thanks to the song artists and writers for their amazing songs
List of them:
Imagine Dragons
Britt Nicole
Fall Out Boy
Owl City
Smash Mouth

@TakeASeatCat and @ToadTV for whoosh sound.
@TakeASeatCat for Intro Inspiration
Some scenes inspired by @TakeASeatCat and @FancyFoxy
Some code from @Brandoodle
Thumbnail inspired by @Awakes and @ToonHead and @TakeASeatCat
I made the outro by myself
NOTE: This project my be laggy.

Shoutout: @Torsita01 and @Ana7Foxgirl, @Lawson-Tv

Seriously, don't report this, it's Lyrics Taken Literally!

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