A Goomba strikes back

See inside

Arrows: Move (fly when Paragoomba)
Hold down to perform a super jump when pressing up while flashing
D: Get hit (get off Yoshi/lose wings/die)
I: Spawn random Item
Y: Get onto Yoshi

Notes and Credits

This is a scrapped idea. It's from 2011-2012, and the basic premise would have been that you're a Goomba and you're trying to get revenge on the Mushroom Kingdom. I mainly focused on the powerups, because that was the fun part of it.

Fire + Ice Flowers: Turn you into their respective color. .__.
Mini Mushroom: Makes you tiny. Also causes errors when combined with other items :3
Mushroom: Nothing when normal/powered up Goomba, but makes you normal again when tiny.
1-Up: Nothing. Sorry.
Star: Just like the normal star in Super Mario Bros, except there are no enemies to defeat...
Wings: This is a new one, it turns you into a Paragoomba and grants you an extra hit. Arrows to fly!
Blue Shell: Like the steel cap from Mario 64, it turns you into solid metal and you can barely jump (and you'd sink if there were water, which there is not)
Mega Mushroom: Like the item from NSMB DS, it makes you big for a short time.
Mega Star: Like the item from Super Paper Mario, you become a giant monster made of death and the tears of your enemies, but, again, without the enemies -__-

Yoshi (not a powerup!): Basically an extra hit + you can hold up to flutter jump. Press down while on ground to stick out your tongue.

Uploaded as a test for @dixiklo.
Are you interested in finishing this project? Let @dixiklo know, please! :)

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