Saving UserSpecificData to the Cloud test. (

See inside

move your mouse
press space to eject mass
if you fall of the Graph Paper, you will DIEEEEE (not in real life, that would be weird...)

top left - Your current Score
top right - Your FPS

Notes and Credits

NOTE: THIS RECORDS YOUR USERNAME AND STORES IT IN THE CLOUD. IF YOU DO NOT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN, SIGN OUT. (But you wont be able to store your personal best score or best score and that is basically why i made this, to test out user-Specific Data Storage without making some sort of weird thing. )

based on

also if you eject a lot of Mass, it may get laggy.
Also note that Food despawns after 30 seconds of not being loaded. (To avoid the Clone Limit.)

Note: this is kind of buggy, so please report any Bugs in the Comment Section.

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