Formula 1 Racing Demo

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Race against 7 computer opponents (known as AIs) in an 8 car race and 10 laps for first place.

To race, use Up Arrow to accelerate, Down Arrow to Brake, Left and Right to Steer, and hold Space to use Boost. When using Manual Transmission, use A to shift up and Z to shift down.

You have a health bar and nitrous charge in the middle left and middle right. They will flash when below 20%. Crashing into walls reduces your health and if you run out of health, you will wreck, and you may be eliminated. Boosting uses nitrous and if you run out of nitrous, you cannot boost. Same for the AI. Your health and nitrous regain overtime.

When you cross the finish line, a reading of the time or laps behind the leader is displayed (+2 s or -1 Lap). If you're in 1st, a reading of the time or laps ahead of the car in 2nd is displayed instead (-1 s or +2 Laps).

The top left displays your current position and the number of cars left in race.

It is not possible to DNF by over revving the engine (it just slows you down), only by wrecking (although you may still be respawned).

When a car wrecks during the green flag, a yellow flag appears and after 5 seconds, one of the 3 events may happen:
1. The caution period lasts until all wrecked cars come to a complete stop. During that period, wrecked cars won't be able to accelerate.
2. The safety car is deployed, and the caution period lasts until the safety car reaches a wrecked racer (if it's still moving or stopped). Surviving racers run at normal speed.
3. The red flag comes out, and all surviving racers come to a halt. Any wrecked racers will be eliminated from the race.

The timer is not displayed during the race, but when a player completes all 10 laps, it will display the time elapsed or time behind the winner.

NOTE: It takes a little while to get used to the steering. But the more you practice, the better you get!

Quick Start: After pressing green flag, just select your transmission using Q and hold Space, then hold N when prompted to change your names.

FOR BEGINNERS: Use Automatic Transmission and slow down when on the curves. You might not get 1st place doing so, but know the track and the turns to beat the other racers!

MANUAL TRANSMISSION TIPS: Shift Down when on the curves.

When a race ends, you will get a finishing position. You will have yellow, blue, brown & green finishing colors and a fireworks sound if you manage to finish in the top 4 (although top 3 is most appropriate for real motorsport).

Notes and Credits (added by djscope)

Track Map:
*The red icon is you.
*The yellow icon is the safety car. It makes a police siren when the SC is active.
*The light green icons are AI players not in the lead.
*The blue icon is the AI currently in the lead (1st). You won't be able to see who's 2nd when you're leading the race if cars are lapped.

*If you have sufficient NOS and you are using manual transmission in a huge corner, shift down to GEAR 4 or 5 or 6 upon reaching the corner, then when you get out of the corner, shift up to gear 7 then hold your boost key until you hit max speed.
*Check your track map (in the bottom left) frequently to locate the AI racers. This helps you know who is in first place and who is not.
*At race start and at the end of a red flag event, use the boost. AI racers can blast away at the start ahead of you if you don't use boost.


*Only one track
*Only one song
*Song only plays during final lap
*Only ten laps
*Only Eight Racers
*No multiplayer
*You always start in 8th place.
*Weather does not affect track condition.
*No Standings List until the end of the race.
*No Pit Stops
*No collisions
*No black flags

*Abillity to spectate CPU
*Manual Transmission
*Automatic Repairing
*Name your players
*Random Red Flags

*Race Leaderboard
*Abillity to spectate CPU
*Name your players
*Manual Transmission
*Adjust the number of laps
*Red Flags
*24 Racers
*Knock-Out Qualifying
*Tracks from the F1 Series AND ATARI POLE POSITION TRACKS plus the demo track
*Multiplayer (Two to 24 Players)
*Split-Screen (Two to Four Players)
*Abillity to spectate online players
*CPU Difficulty Selection
*The abillity to LEVEL UP!
*More Music
*Pit Stops

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