Paper boat (Work in progress)-2

See inside

Use the arrow keys to move. This is what I'll use to build up on, so I'll be adding weather and more than just clouds and trees. I'm not that free, so I'm sharing this now when I have the chance, and I'll keep on improving this! (its very bad coding) Wait one second after clicking the flag for the start button to appear.

Oh and watch out for the rocks!( you have to jump over them!) The circles in the corner are your lives, you have three at first, but you loose one each time you hit a rock. Once you loose all three lives, you'll have to start again to make another boat! It records how far you went in metres and will only show you when you run out of lives.

This is supposed to be relaxing, so I have only put rocks as obsticals, but I will hopefully put in some weather aswell eg. Rain, lighting, cloudy etc. For rainy, we could have to hold and umbrella with our mouse over the boat or something. Please keep on giving me tips!

Thankyou for reading this far! If you have, tell me and I will follow you, or love and favourite any of your projects or both.

Notes and Credits

Thankyou to somebody who drew the boat that I coded, I'll say who it is when I find out, but thankyou for it because its really good! Sorry I didn't ask you to use it whoever you were... Otherwise the rest of the art is by me, you will see the difference. This is my first project, so please be sympathetic with my bad coding and simplicity.Also, thankyou to those scratchers who made tutorials for sliding and stuff, which I used in here. (Look inside to see my bad coding if you want to give me tips on better coding, which would be great.)
Thanks to @_Ash15 for helping me learn coding
And @R_Ravenclaw for their welcoming project

I will read all of your comments but I may not answer them but I’ll try to but if I don’t I hopefully have read it…Sorry

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