Paper Mario 12

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"This game is packed full of AMAZING features! I'm not a big fan of mario, but this is fantastic! The artwork, scripting and gameplay is brilliant! Love and fave!"-northmeister

"This is way better than Nintendo's mario games. I'm not kidding. The Power-ups ups are just.. so Awesome! This game is so epic that if you put Nar-Nar repellant on it, Nar-Nars will still play it! This is my #1 favorite project on scratch!"~King Fanta Lord of The Fanta Kingdom

"The adaptation of this series is very impressive. Each game contains a special trait seperating it from the rest while using the same way of playability, and this game's diferent traits remind me of super mario bros 3 in a way that is most enjoyable. In other words this game and this series rocks!"-Gamer4Life

"I gotta say, that much gameplay, so many innovative features, and 4 powerups? This game is easily one of the best I've seen on Scratch. Love and fav."-Noolab Games


'this is the game of the year of 2012 on scratch'- mward1

'epicness on a stick. that's what this is."- Lfob

"Checklist: Good scripting- Check. Good Artwork- Check. Good Idea- Check. I rate this 10/10~ BobbyF (P.S. Most likely one of the best Mario games on scratch)"-Bobbyf

"Woah! That had to be the best game I ever played on scratch. And maybe the best video game i played!"-epicepicman

"Okay, This would take me over 9,000 years to make my self!!! 1000000/10! :D"-Monkeyboi25

"Amazing! I think that I love sausage. Oh, this is the most amazing game on Scratch!" -LemonSqueezy

"this series is what inspired me to be a scratcher!!!"-Saca312

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The Paper Mario series decided to kick of the holidays with a mega release, Paper Mario 12. This game is 6 times as big as the first game and is very addicting. For the first time ever there is a fully animated story(Timing might be of online, sorry)! This game has 6 levels with 5 scenes each! each level is timed so you have to hurry. The Stickerbook is a new feature, this feature keeps your stats to gain achievments. Another new feature is the ample amount of suits, 5 in total! There is also a inventory menu like in new super mario bros wii!

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You need to light all the torches to enter the castle.

To beat the boss kick the koopa shell at it.

Special thanks to mfgg, spritersreasource, Nintendo, Kielymiester, and everyone who love

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