Add yourself jumping on the trampoline!

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Notes and Credits (added by Lightnin)

Add your own character bouncing on the trampoline!

You can start by downloading the project, copying the "Lightnin" sprite, and then changing its costume to your own. But you don't have stop there!

Mouse over a jumper to make them jump higher.

Just ignore all the little dot sprites...they are just there to make the layering work.

Thanks to Paddle2See for helping me with the layering!

Can you make your character do flips and stuff?

=Cheddargirl's Addenum=
I saw that Paddle2See uploaded this emix project.

The original notes kind of challenged us to make our sprite do flips and stuff, so I added my own sprite with a flip action to it; granted the flipping looks bizarre, but it was the best I could do given the constructs of this project. :P

Someone mentioned that the jumping script was difficult to understand. I added a note to that (see the comments on my sprite in the script area) that explains how the mathematics of this project works for jumping. :)

Also got rid of the tiny dot sprites for space reasons (I kept getting the pasky disappearing text bug with this project, getting rid of the dots didn't get rid of the bug, but it seemed to reduce its appearance)

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