Isometric Level Creator (WIP)

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Notes and Credits

Check out for one of the most impressive actual 3d projects on scratch, imo.


6.000 views now O.O Thanks :o

3,000 views now after nearly a year. Sheesh O.O

2,000 views!!!!! :O Thanks so much!

150 love-its!!!!!! :O Woot! Again, thank-you!



* Controls added at start

* Blocks white edges removed.

* New block type added (surface), misalignment is purposeful, currently.


Current problems:

* Line up with grid is not exact.
* Hoverbox alignment with surface shape is wrong
* Shapes are all, maybe redraw


Improvements Suggested by Scratchers:

* Stop hoverbox (and shapes) from going over the edge of the platform (pokemongardev)
* Make a minecraft version! (gabrielgabriel)
* more block colours (deoxysrules)
* arrow key option for changing blocks (eventexception)
* ghosting effect on bricks in background (eventexception)
* Add a toolbar which you can use your mouse to click and choose colors, shapes, and other features. (SOScratch)


All comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated ^^

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