Sonic 5 (older version)

remixed by MrLog
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!Newer Update!

made it so that you are invincible after touching the ground when you get hurt.

(previous update)

Not an awful lot extra here. just some badniks and fixed rings.

(Previous update)
So as you can see, This update is my biggest yet, with level 2 very nearly finished, It's all going to plan. If you look at my 'to do' list below, you will see that the next level will be the boss. It's not going to be a short game though because i've decided that i'm going to make the game in parts. Each part will have two levels and a boss as scratch can't handle any more. I'm not sure what the boss should be so if you were so submit your ideas in the comments section, i'd be grateful.

-fully functional badniks
-fixed rings
-spikes that work like the real sonic games
-sun in the background
-slightly altered cutscene
-another pole added to level 1 :D
-more efficient scripts
-rings on level 2
-another sliding area
-Scenery on level 2 (Drawn on scratch)
-rings hide at a better time
-a few small bugs fixed
__Above are the most recent__
-the amount of ring you have now pop out of you (up to 10)
-you accelerate faster, thus making the first level a lot easier
-several glitches fixed
-the first level is significantly harder because of several updates
-proper death
-you can get hurt and lose rings, however you always have 5 busting out of you.
-you can die on level 1.
-spring sound effect! :D
-I've changed the music to my own compositions/remixes. Sorry there was no music for a bit. I might change it again sometime if you don't like it.
-Level 2 is done!
-the hit sensing works on flash now.
-I've added EVEN more to level 2!
-I've added a new action
-I've added more to the second level
-you can die. Yes, I know it doesent look very good but it will change
-The cutscene (Hopefully) works a lot better now.

To do:
-custom ring counter
-More Badniks
-Red rings (like in sonic colours)

By far my most technilogically adanced game, however it is only a DEMO! Do not say that it is too short or... um... there will be... um... not much really.
I am hoping that the physics works on flash. This was made using my platformer base (although I had to split it to two sprites). Rather strange beginning don't you think? Everything (apart from the sounds (from sonic 1 and sonic 4) and the various sprites (From sonic 3 and knuckles)) was either made or edited by me.

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