Text-Based Platformer

See inside

Undertale in Scratch Engine: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/102839858/

Hmm... It would be a shame if I were to make a sequel to this...
Or am I making that now? o3o
Please follow me for games and animations. Thanks. :D
Arrow Keys to move.
No need for Turbo Mode, its Realtime! :DDDD
I hope you enjoy! :DDDDD
The Stick Figure is actually a Korean Character. : )

Notes and Credits

I made the project 100% with lists. Creds to @Zro716 and @Firedrake969 for inspiration. :DDDDD
Sorry, there is only three levels. Each level takes AGES to design. AND you have to program the render method for each one. :O
Take a look through the scripts if you want! Basically, it renders the current level from a list at realtime, then renders in the person to the row based on the y position, and place in that row based off the x position, then it replaces that part of the list with a Korean character (the stick figure), and all movement is done in the first forever loop.

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