ERKchat v2.2 Premium

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Notes and Credits (added by zippynk)

Credit To eRKSToCK

Note: 'Deluxe' text fix coming soon.

This is almost the same thing as regular ERKchat v2.2, with 2 differences:
1) There's a way to ban a user on ERKchat Deluxe, using the ERKchat anti-spam tools, which I will upload soon. A user that is banned on 1 erkchat network is banned on all, since it's a local variable.
2) Sound! 3 sounds to choose from, or just turn them off completely.

And, since this is premium, another 3 differences:
1) Ads. You can add you own (no pun intended), or you could just use the preset ones. To turn off ads, just delete the Advertisments list.
2) Volume. Enough said.
3) MoonCat 5 Pro (Coming Soon) score bragging. Mesh ERKchat with MoonCat 5 Pro (Coming Soon) and you'll get MoonCat-Related notifications. Note that notifications sometimes take awhile to show up.

As always, I hope you enjoy this!

Link to the regular ERKchat v2.2:

Original Project Notes:

ok, it should work fine now. found out i could test it on my own comuter XD


I made a new, clean version of the old erkchat v2. this doesn't stamp

I've added an customizable avatar, a clean button and a help button which shows how to download hamachi.

hamachi is a program that you can connect your local network with other networks around the globe!



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