Estimating Pi with darts!

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How to calculate Pi with a dart board, some darts, and a whole lot of spare time!
Note: This project will take a little while to finish. Expect to spend 5 to 10 minutes waiting.
Edit: Never mind, you can just use Turbo Mode to speed up the process! Just hold SHIFT and click the green flag.
Edit 2: Ok what???? 880 views! That's a lot!
Edit 3: Featured?? Really??? I was NOT expecting that!
Edit 4: 2500 views in not even a day. Wow
Edit 5: Ok, what

Notes and Credits

Random Shoutout: ( @iluvokamiden )
To everyone who thinks it's too slow, how would you like it if you had to spend three days throwing darts with your bare hands?
Here is the original video, where they do exactly that:
I guess this project works without the complicated procedures in the video, because this projects throws the darts very randomly, while in the video they were throwing by hand, which is less random.
3/29 Added music and updates to help with accuracy. Music from the online flash game BLYM.
4/8 Updated title to make more sense

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